Smoking Meat at Home


Smoking Meat at Home

Traditionally smoking was a technique used to preserve meat. Today, smoking your own meat is no longer necessary but still widely enjoyed among meat lovers. 

Not only is smoking a way to get some different flavours into your meat, it’s a way for steak lovers to turn your steak experience up a notch.   

Whether you’re a first-time meat smoker or well experienced, Adam North shares his top 5 smoking tips to ensure the best smoking experience;  

1. Don’t be afraid to use different types of wood 

A good portion of the flavor you get from smoking comes from the type of wood you use. The right wood-meat combination will really enhance the flavor of your beef. A fruit wood evokes a sweeter flavor while a hickory, maple or oak evoke stronger flavours. 

2. Use a good beef 

As a general rule (applicable to every steak recipe), if you start with a good product, you will more than end up with a great result. Use good beef sourced from your favourite butcher. See our 5 questions you should ask your butcher too [internal link].

3. Don’t continuously look at it

If you keep looking at your meat while it’s smoking, you’re disrupting the process and it’s not actually cooking. Be patient, and follow the recommended timings. 

4. Rest up

If you don’t rest your meat properly, the time you spent smoking it has all gone to waste. As a general rule, you should allow your smoked meat to rest for at least 15-20 minutes. 

5. Have fun with your rub

Be prepared to have a bit of fun with your rub. Make your own rub  and try different flavor combinations, being sure to marinate your meat overnight to let he meat take the flavor in. The more time you put into it, the better it will be. 

Do you have any of your own smoking-tips?