Entrecôte, South Yarra, Victoria


Entrecôte, South Yarra, Victoria

Steak Source spoke to Adam North, co-owner of 6 month old Entrecôte in South Yarra, Melbourne, who confirms that keeping your steak simple is best. 

The Parisian inspired steakhouse uncomplicates your steak experience serving one hero item – exclusive pasture fed Hopkins River beef from The Grampians, Victoria, making it the perfect venue for the fussy steak-eater. 

Boasting great views of the Botanical Gardens, Entrecôte is Located in South Yarra, Victoria and opened in Melbourne January 2015. Visit their website to find out more or see other Entrecôte reviews.

The Story

Entrecôte is the result of two mates, Adam North and Jason M Jones catching up for dinner one night in Paris. The two realised the French knew steak, serving just that signature dish at a restaurant in Paris. 

“The idea behind Entrecôte was simplicity, there are so many different dishes on offer in Melbourne. With everything from foams to soils, we just wanted something simple where people can walk in and know they are getting a delicious steak with some kick ass sauce to boot!” explained North.

The Best Seller

Although they serve breakfast and oysters, there’s one true hero of Entrecôte - Steak Frites with a glass of red wine.  

The Difference

With one steak dish on the menu, there’s no room for error.

“Our secret sauce is very much the hero of the Steak Frites alongside the Grilled Hopkins River Porterhouse itself,” explains North.

Having just one steak dish doesn’t mean there are no out-there orders. North remembers a customer asking for “on the rare side of medium rare…we were a little baffled.” 

In Three Words

“French. Steak. Delicious.”

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