On The Grill with Randall Culliver, The Strathmore Hotel

On The Grill with Randall Culliver, The Strathmore Hotel

Head Chef at The Strathmore Hotel Randall Culliver, talks all things steak including the effectiveness of cooking steak on a hot stone and the simple importance of salt and pepper. 

What tool or ingredient could you not cook without?
The only ingredient really – salt and pepper. Salt and pepper seems to enhance the flavour of it. To have it marinaded just in pepper to begin with, and then add the salt as you’re beginning the cooking process, that gives you the best result. You should allow the meat to speak for itself. 

What’s the biggest myth or old wives’ tale told about cooking steak?
You should only turn your steak once. That’s a major issue. Turning it a couple of times isn’t going to affect the overall result.

The only way a steak should be cooked is...
On a hot surface to begin with. It’s got to be hot. Sear your meat to get some caramelisation and some colour.

My one top tip for cooking the perfect steak is...
Start with good quality meat. Season it nicely. Nice hot pan. Nice hot barbecue plate. And the other critical thing is – let it rest. Let it sit for about two or three minutes, then it becomes perfect. 

What kind of pan gives the best results at home? 
It would probably have to be cast iron in my opinion. The cast iron tends to get nice and hot, sears, turn it over once or twice, and it’ll be perfect every time.